Hot Air Balloon Rides

Many people dream of floating in the sky, feeling almost weightless, as they soar high above the ground drifting along with the clouds as the wind drives them through the air. If this is your dream, then hot air balloon rides will fulfil this fantasy, making your dream a reality and bringing with it some amazing memories to treasure for your lifetime. At Wickers World, we have been turning people’s dreams into reality for decades with our regular hot air balloon rides across the North West and Midlands.

In the UK, the popularity of hot air balloon rides, together with their safety record, has added to their success and the expansion of the number of rides available across the country. Whether you are nine years old or 90 years old, you will be amazed at the sights and sounds that await you during your ride. It is not just the ride itself but the whole process – from watching the ground crew lay out and fill the balloon with hot air right through the carefully planned ride to the descent and landing – which will give you long lasting memories.

When do flights take off?

Hot air balloon rides normally take place early in the morning or early evening when the weather conditions are most favourable. If you have a health condition then check with your GP before booking a ride. Remember to take along a camera, and wear layers of clothing that you can put on or remove easily as well as comfortable waterproof shoes, as the grass can be damp in the early mornings. The flight will take advantage of the wind and weather conditions, so please be on time as the ride must take off on schedule.

Remember – if booking a hot air balloon ride for a special occasion like a wedding anniversary or birthday gift, the ride is dependent on the weather conditions on the day, so in rare circumstances it may be necessary to cancel at short notice. This will be a great disappointment, but the safety of the passengers is paramount. If a ride is cancelled then you will be offered another date and time.

What happens when a balloon lands?

Once the ride has landed, the ground crew members who have been following the flight in their vehicles will help the air crew deflate and pack away the balloon. Then the passengers and crew will be taken back to the launch site, where you can collect your own vehicle or meet up with family or friends who have watched the flight from the ground. Of course, if your family and friends wish, they can jump into their vehicles and follow the ground crew as they track the path of your flight – and so join in the day’s fun too.

At Wickers World, our hot air balloon rides are guaranteed to last at least an hour and take place over some of the most amazing scenery in the UK, so please contact us to find out when and where we fly, together with any special offers we are currently running.