Hot Air Balloon Flights

If you want a stunning, serene and thoroughly enjoyable experience up in the sky, look no further than hot air balloon flights. Here at Wickers World, we can offer you the chance to have such an experience at one of our centres throughout the UK.

Balloon flights are determined by the weather, with the speed and direction of the wind being an important factor. This is what makes each balloon flight individual and unique, because the pilot has to adjust the flight path according to the prevailing weather conditions before and during the flight. In the UK, balloon pilots are well-trained and experienced individuals who want to give their passengers the hot air balloon flights of their lives with memories to treasure.

Hot air balloon flights are founded on the straightforward scientific principle that, as warm air is lighter than cooler air, it rises above the cool air. To lift 1,000 lbs in weight you need a lot – or hot air of around 65,000 cubic feet – and this is why balloons are huge, and can be seen from miles around. Balloons also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a mass flotilla of hot air balloons taking off at sunrise is a sight worth getting out of bed for.

What can I expect during a flight?

During hot air balloon flights, you will get a unique view of the countryside below – similar to what a bird in flight sees. You will experience an amazing combination of breathtaking exhilaration as well as serenity and tranquillity, as you soar high above the ground and look down on the countryside below, feeling the sun and wind on your face.

The majority of hot air balloon flights take place around sunrise – a truly spectacular time of day when the sun rears up above the horizon and its warm fingers of heat and light spread out across the Earth. Other flights take place around sunset, as the orange glow of the sun fades slowly over the horizon and the fading light creates amazing shadows.

The majority of the hard work involved in ballooning occurs at the start and finish of the flight, when the air crew inflates and deflates the balloon envelope. To passengers or spectators who are around to watch the crew hard at work, this can be a rewarding and spectacular sight on a par with the actual flight itself.

Book your dream flight

At Wickers World, our commercial, fully-qualified pilots each have at least 1,000 flying hours to their credit and our reputation for quality and safety is hugely important to us. We have been established over 20 years and we hold a Civil Aviation Authority Air Operators Certificate, and the CAA audits us annually to ensure we comply with standards, safety and regulations. All our hot air balloon flights are guaranteed to last for a minimum of one hour, with most lasting around 30 minutes longer. Please phone us to get the latest offers and details on our flights.